Stop Settling and Make Room for the Business You Deserve.

You want more, but you get stuck when it comes to taking action. Deep down you feel like an imposter as you make business decisions out of desperation—working endless hours and doing it all yourself. It seems the harder you try, the less you get accomplished. You don’t see an end in sight. You’re spinning your wheels and losing patience as you struggle to see results. You could stay here, but the thought of nothing changing feels like torture.

The reality is, you're losing time, money, and energy. 

And worse, you're losing sight of the dream you had when you opened your business.

I help professionals find the answers within themselves so they can move forward on making better business decisions. Through brain- based interventions, you can overcome the inner blocks that hold you back and gain access your innate wisdom and inner confidence. Side effects of coaching with me have included significantly raising fees, working with only the best fitting clients and team members, and actually going back to enjoying your business. This is unlike other coaching. It’s a blend of science, curiosity, and compassion. Discover how coaching can help change your business and your life.

You don't have to fight yourself to succeed. The answers are within you.  Let me help you find them.


Beth Medina provides Brainspotting coaching to help professionals overcome their business blocks.

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You've given your clients the tools, but they need help removing some of the mental blocks around implementation. I can help.

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