Beth Medina Consultant

You’re a passionate professional with important goals in mind. You’ve taken online courses and worked with professional business coaches to help you move forward strategically and boldly. But when you get caught in an unexpected rip current, you start to freak out a little, fear that you’ve just made a huge mistake by swimming out this far into the entrepreneurial waters, and completely lose sight of what’s on the horizon.

Making important business changes isn’t for wimps. It’s scary.  It’s exhilarating. But it doesn’t have to leave you exhausted.  As a therapist in private practice and Certified Brainspotting Consultant, I know what it's like to struggle with implementing business decisions that feel daunting--and I have helped hundreds of people just like you move past these types of blocks that are thwarting their success.

Yes, I know that place of fighting against the tide, the panic of not knowing which direction to swim, and the fear that all will be washed away with one irresponsibly deep dive into the entrepreneurial ocean.  For years as a successful private practice therapist, I struggled to make the needed changes to how I ran my practice, letting my fears, assumptions and blind spots tousle me around until I literally became ill.  When I could no longer tread water, I began using the best healing approach I have encountered in my 20+ years as a therapist: Brainspotting.

I had been using this highly effective healing modality to treat my therapy and business coaching clients for years and had used Self Brainspotting, the “self help” version of Brainspotting, to help myself manage stress and physical pain.  Then one frustrating day, as I hemmed & hawed about “when I was going to pull the plug already” and terminate my contract with the one insurance panel I had been taking, it finally dawned on me: I could use Brainspotting to get over whatever was stopping me from moving forward.  In that moment, I realized I was having a “performance issue” of sorts in my business.  I was afraid to let go of my last insurance contract. Even though there was a part of me that knew I would be successful, I had so many thoughts, beliefs, and opinions swirling in my head that it felt impossible to pull the plug.  

I immediately began using Self Brainspotting to help me dissolve what was blocking me.  The following week, I called up another Brainspotting practitioner and asked her to help me work through one ginormous business block I had:  transforming my  80% insurance-based practice into a 100% private practice without seeing a reduction in my six figure income. (No sweat, right?) I knew what my blocks were--I just couldn’t get past them totally on my own.  She and I had only one Brainspotting sessions together.  Just one! By combining this one session with lots of Self Brainspotting, immediately I reduced my working hours, tightened up my policies, became even more discerning about the clients I worked with, and positioned my practice to be ready to get off of insurance.  

Two months later, after lots of prayers and preparation, I took the leap of faith I had been needing to do for years:  I sent the last insurance company a "Dear John" letter. With that major milestone accomplished, (and I’m not gonna lie--after a few mini panic attacks,) I focused my attention on finding a supportive coaching community that could help me figure out how to maintain a successful private practice now that I was entering uncharted waters. (And as a bonus, the time I had created on my calendar allowed me to focus on becoming a Certified Brainspotting Consultant, so I could help other Brainspotting-trained therapists hone their skills as they become certified in Brainspotting.  Feel free to ask me more about that later if you want to know more about this credential. Now, back to the story...)

As my practice successfully shifted to private pay only, some of my colleagues, who were curious about my authentic confidence and lack of any signs of complete meltdown panic, asked me to help them work past some of their blocks.

By using the same Brainspotting method I used to shift my own hangups, I helped several colleagues make changes to their own practices--from a place of authentic confidence and with the heart of being of service to others.  I soon realized what a rewarding gift it was to help other professional service providers move past their blocks so they can serve others without compromising their own well-being. Even as I say that, tears come to my eyes.  After seeing so many awesome professionals burn out from giving too much and being afraid to take calculated risks, I am honored to be a part of helping others just like you go from tired and stressed to confident and replenished.  I couldn’t just keep this program to myself, my closest colleagues, and my in-person coaching clients, so I created this online program to serve others so they can do the same--from a place of passion for the beneficial work they do!

If you are ready to...

-move toward your goals with confidence

-maximize the benefits you are getting from working with other professional coaches

-stop beating up on yourself and

-use you blocks as a gateway to achieving your next goal...