You opened your law practice after years of working for the big law firm, knowing you needed to chart your own course and make your own decisions without having to answer to anyone. Lately, though, you’ve found yourself fantasizing about the days when the success of your cases--and the sustainability of your practice--didn’t lie squarely in your lap. You wish you could share the workload with an associate, but you just know it will be a bigger burden getting them up to speed than you can imagine enduring right now.  And to be honest, the fluctuation in your caseload has you too worried about keeping your business afloat to consider adding another attorney in the forseeable future.

You face many challenges as you race against the clock.

It’s been impossible to find an assistant who is capable enough for you to trust wholly with assignments you need them to handle.  It feels like the only way to get things done the right way is to do it yourself. The fluctuation in your income has driven you to take on clients that you knew intuitively you should've declined, and now you are paying dearly for it.  

Your family has been begging you to take a vacation...

but they have no idea what kind of pressure you’re under. They criticize you for “always working” and being “wound tight.”  Even when you aren’t buried in documents, you can’t shut off the worries. What your family doesn’t know is that you truly wish you could stop working so hard.  You would love to take some time off. You’d love to go on vacation. Truth be told, some days, you’d quit practicing law entirely if they weren’t all counting on you.

Even though it feels like you can’t do anything to pivot your practice without all your spinning plates coming crashing down, you are savvy enough to know there are some things you can do to take charge of your practice--and your life.  You’ve attended enough business-related CLEs and read enough articles to know that you can run your law practice the way you want--you just have to get past the fear of everything coming to a grinding halt if you take your eyes off the road ahead.

You know what needs to change.

You need to charge more, be more discerning about the cases you accept, have efficient processes in place, and make time to find the right team to run things smoothly so you can enjoy the life you're working so hard to create. I help attorneys get to the root of what stands between them and their freedom. Through attorney business coaching, they find turning their knowledge into action to be easier, eliminate the fear of competition, and ultimately create a practice that works for them

Bottom line? Neither your bank account nor your time to enjoy life can GROW until you eliminate what's stopping you from making changes.