As a business consultant and coach with tried and true systems in place, your clients tackle and blow past goals that, to them, seemed impossible to reach.

You love your work as a coach...most of the time.  But every now and then, you get a couple of clients who don’t make the progress you know their capable of, and it weighs on you.

You’re supportive as you hold them accountable, but they still seem to be stalling. When you bring up the lack of progress, they either put themselves down or announce that they want to shift the focus of your coaching to a different goal. Again.

Intuitively, you know they don’t need therapy, but your client can’t afford to dawdle, stall, self flagellate, or switch gears at this point in the game.   If they don’t move past whatever’s blocking them from taking action, they’re going to crawl right back into their comfort zone cave, and their business will follow them into that dark, dank place.

I help business owners illuminate, tune into, and resolve the blocks standing between them and their next goal so they can get traction and take action.

Brainspotting for performance problems can help your clients whose blocks are impervious to even the most ingenious coaching interventions.

If you are ready to get your clients unstuck so you can get back to the work you are meant to do with them, click below to get started.