Entrepreneurship should give you energy, not drain you.

You are a creative and independent person who has taken a lot of calculated risks in your life to build a business...all in the name of freedom. But you don’t feel free. You feel trapped in working whenever you can. Your brain never shuts off with ideas, and you've got a sneaking suspicion that the next thing, the best idea you’ve ever had, or the perfect solution is just around the corner.

So you take the courses, hire the coaches, invest in the software to show yourself how committed you are to tightening up operations. But the courses never get fully implemented; you don’t always trust the suggestions from your coaches; and the software never even gets installed.   You are so involved in putting out fires and managing all the moving parts of the business that you never have time to step back and work on the business.

You know what needs to change.

You know the pricing needs to shift, the staff need a different level of training and accountability, and your ability to say “no” to difficult clients needs some serious work. But every time you try to focus on making changes, someone or something demands your attention, and it takes every bit of your bandwidth to just keep operations running.  It never seems like there's time to get around to making those changes.

The reality is that you've got some blocks that keep you from making those changes.

So it becomes easier to dream and think about things than it does to actually do them. I use Brainspotting coaching strategies with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them access their strengths quickly, make decisions, and take action on them so they can experience more immediate shifts in the bottom line of their business. If you are ready to stop thinking about making changes and start taking action, click below.