Private practice doesn't have to be a struggle.

Early on in private practice, you were excited by the possibilities ahead.  Your rules.  Your schedule. Your way of working. Lately, though, it's getting harder and harder to feel energized by your work, knowing that things could be better in your practice, but they aren’t. It doesn’t make sense. You love the work with your clients, but you feel drained much of the time.  If only you had more time to enjoy your life outside of work.

You’ve taken several courses from coaches and listened to innumerous podcasts. You know what changes you need to make in the way you run your practice. But putting that knowledge into action...well let’s just say, you’ve been sitting on the "to-do list" of increasing your fees, limiting your schedule, or getting off of insurance panels for years.

You want to be accessible, affordable, and you want to be known as an excellent therapist in your community and among your peers.  Somehow,  you start saying "yes" to later appointments, sliding scale fees, and “may I pick your brain” moments for other colleagues. All of these things feel wrong to go back and change. You made a promise, and you feel ethically bound to keep it--even if it adds dread to your day.

You don’t need another course, webinar, or podcast... 

You need to work through the blocks that are preventing you from taking action.

You have the wisdom within you, but you’ve been getting in your own way for some time--comparing yourself to others, feeling overly responsible for your work, and putting your clients' well-being ahead of your own. You know you have to take care of yourself to be at your best for your clients and those you love--it's just that you have some beliefs, fears, or assumptions getting in the way.

Through Brainspotting coaching tools, I help mental health professionals in private practice take the action they’ve been wanting to take so they can reach their practice goals with confidence. In just a few sessions, my coaching clients are able to start the process of getting off the insurance panels that test their serenity or sanity, raise their fee while being of service and having integrity, or readjust their caseload and schedule to make their days manageable. At the end of the day, you deserve to enjoy the private practice you are building. Let me help you get there.