Sometimes, all you need is a little adjustment to your course

You're thinking Brainspotting sounds really effective, but you might not need an entire package of services to get you unstuck.  A "one and done" Brainspotting Coaching session may be best for you if...

  • You have a habit of not charging for something you should be, and you're determined to stop the energy bleed and capture the financial gains you have been letting slip once and for all.

  • You have a big presentation soon, and you need to work past the jitters and access your authentic, compelling, passionate side so you can nail the talk. Yesterday.

  • You are ready to raise your fees, but that one small hangup keeps you from pulling the trigger. You've tried everything--listening to podcasts about fees, talking with supportive colleagues, reflecting on your whys, and even giving yourself the reality check of running the numbers with and without the fee increase--but you still haven't raised your rates.

If you have a small but frustrating block, one session of Brainspotting Coaching can move you from beating yourself up to celebrating the win.