Stop trying to bulldoze through your business blocks on your own.  Let’s work through them together so you can get moving toward your business vision.

If you have any of the following goals...

  • Raise your fees without losing your mind

  • Implement a more profitable business model, such charging by the project instead of by the hour, no longer accepting third party reimbursement for services, or

  • Take control of your work hours

  • Hire others to work for you so you can spend more time growing their businesses

  • Set boundaries with your time--both at work and at rest

  • Uphold your existing policies consistently

  • Stop working with clients that are difficult or draining

...Brainspotting Coaching, either in-person or online, can help you work through the static and access the solutions you already have within you.

So what will our work together look like?

STEP 1 - Pre-work questionnaire:  You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire prior to our 90-minute initial session, designed to help you…

  • Operationalize your goal and identify what changes you need to make to reach that goal

  • Get clear about the whys behind your goals and how achieving your goals will benefit you, your business, your loved ones, the clients you serve, and your community

  • Begin to identify what’s stopping you from moving forward, from the decision to consider the goal all the way through having achieved it

  • Give you a taste of what it will be like to be unburdened by the blocks you currently have around this goal

STEP 2 - Initial session: Once you complete the pre-work and send me your answers, you’ll schedule your 90-minute in-person or Zoom video conference questionnaire review and Brainspotting session.  We’ll spend about 20 minutes reviewing the questionnaire together then dive right in to Brainspotting your blocks.

STEP 3 - Email check-ins between sessions: After your initial Brainspotting session, I offer you support, encouragement, and guidance via email. You’ll get to share what’s on your mind, such as what you’ve discovered about yourself, what has shifted for you, how you are taking action, and explore what additional resources you may need to meet your goal.

STEP 4 - Follow up session: You will schedule your first 60-minute follow-up session about two weeks after the initial Brainspotting session and the last 60-minute session two weeks after the second session.  Having 2 weeks in between allows you to maximize the gains from each Brainspotting session and experience what it is like to move toward your goal.

STEP 5 - Resource Brainspotting recording:  Based on your individual needs, I will record a Resource Brainspotting exercise that you can use to keep moving forward--even after you’ve achieved your goal!

Investment: One payment of $1450 OR Two payments of $750

Wondering if you need to book the three-session package or if a "one and done" meeting will be enough to get you moving forward? One-time sessions range from $750-900, depending on the session length (90 -120 minutes typically).

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